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Thread: Outdoor wall switch

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    Outdoor wall switch

    Hi. Our outside porch and scone lights are controlled by two wall switches: one inside the front door, the other in a covered outside porch wall plate. The outside switch is a toggle style (flip) switch set in a weatherproof wall plate. I would like to add these lights to our existing Caseta system. Optimally, but not necessarily, I would like to use a Caseta dimmer switch (inside) and Pico (outside). If I installed the latter in a weatherproof box, would that work? Any other suggestions?Many thanks!

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    If you use a PD-10NXD you could keep the mechanical switch outside. You would only have on/off control from outside and the PD-10 is more expensive than the PD-6/Pico package.

    Installing the Pico in the weather proof cover will work fine. It might have some reduced battery life from being exposed to temperature variation but I don't think that would be significant.

    I would not hesitate to leave the Pico sitting on a table, etc. If you treat it like a TV remote it should be fine... eRr... I've seen some TV remotes that look like they had been in a war zone.
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    Randy is right about the 10NXD. In my opinion, the feasibility of using a Pico/dimmer outside is completely dependent on your climate. If it freezes, I think you'll be buying a Pico every couple years. Where I live in Santa Barbara, CA, it would be no problem. In many old houses here people don't bother having a functional HVAC system- climate control is not a necessity.

    That said, if you can justify the 10NXD that is the best choice.
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