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Thread: Connecting Radiora + grafik eye + Qsn-1eco-s

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    Unhappy Connecting Radiora + grafik eye + Qsn-1eco-s

    Hi,Through a grafik eye, I can activate the scenes of a qsn-1eco.Through RadioRA 2, I can activate the scenes (and zones) of a Grafik Eye.So, by means of the Lutron Home app I could activate the local scenes of the grafik and also the scenes of qsn? Is this possible? Or is there any constraint(impediment) for the Grafik eye to work at the same time with the main RadioRa repeater and with the QSN-1ECO-S.thanks for your help.

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    To access the Grafik Eye scenes through the Lutron Connect app you would need to assign the scenes to a button somewhere. It could be the buttons on the front of the Grafik Eye or a RR2 keypad. The individual zones are accessible like any other zone in the RR2 system.
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    Ok, butWhen I press a button on the RR2 keypad I can activate the scenes in the qsn-1eco through the grafik?

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    If I remember correctly you can’t use an EcoSystem Grafik Eye in RR2.
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    Hello,Thank you for your inquiry! Unfortunately, Radio RA2 does not have the ability to interact with the QSN-ECO1. The only path to go to control this would be to explore Homeworks options with your dealer or local rep. You can locate your nearest dealer using the tool at you!- Jonathan C.

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