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Thread: Wiring issue

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    Wiring issue

    I bought the caseta single pole (non dimmer) simple on off switch. It has black either blue and red (along with ground) wires.

    My home wiring only has black (which I assume to be hot/load) and white which I assume to be neutral. The caseta instructions assume I have separate hot and load wires which I do not.

    I’ve tried most combinations and cannot get it to work. Any suggestions ?

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    When switching anything you cut the power going to the load. The neutral coming back remains unbroken. Your existing switch should have 2 black wires attached to it. One is power-in and the other is power up to the light. The power-in connects to the black on your Caseta dimmer. The black wire going to the light connects to the red wire on the Caseta. Cap off the blue wire. If your dimmer has a neutral connection you should use it.

    Some devices (including some Caseta) have 2 black leads instead of black and red. For those, it doesn't matter which is power-in. The device figures it out on its own.
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    If there is only one wire in the switch box and the switch requires a neutral it wont work. Some houses(older ones) were wired with one wire going from the light to the switch box. This means power comes from the light box on the white wire and goes back on the black wire, no neutral available.I looked at the wiring diagram of the switch and it requires a neutral. You need to install another wire from the switch box to the light box!

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