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Thread: Is it possible to set a schedule to cycle a wall switch in less than 5 seconds?

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    Is it possible to set a schedule to cycle a wall switch in less than 5 seconds?

    I'm looking into using Caseta to turn a wall switch off and on rapidly. That is what's needed to activate dusk to dawn lighting on my motion controlled exterior lights. Is it possible to set a schedule to do this? Thanks.

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    Probably not. You could try setting up a schedule with the same times, something like:
    12:01 on
    12:01 off
    12:01 on
    12:01 off
    12:01 on

    It should execute the commands in the order it lists them. However, I don't think the switch will respond fast enough for your device to see the on/off sequence. The 1st off command will arrive before the on command is finished so your device may not see the on setting. If you did get it to work, it probably won't be very consistent.
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    Just as another idea, you can almost certainly wire out the motion sensor on the fixtures and avoid the on-off nonsense. If you want them to be on al night just schedule them sunset to sunrise through Caseta.
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