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Thread: Migrating from MA-600

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    Migrating from MA-600

    I have MA-600 dimmers (with a couple of 3-ways using, I think, MA-Rs) installed in 2008 controlling mostly PAR30 short halogen bulbs and a few PAR20 bulbs in a 120V track.

    I want to switch to LED bulbs. I have been trying to understand the information on the Lutron site to figure out bulb compatibility, etc. But I am finding it impenetrable. (And with lots of obsolete and missing pages.)

    I gather the likely upgrade path is to MACL-153M dimmers, again with MA-Rs. Or possibly MA-PRO.

    When I check the bulb compatibility chart for these dimmers, I don't find any PAR30 or PAR20 bulbs listed. Can that be right? Am I out of luck?

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    Hi Paul_Ma, there aren't a lot of options for Par 20 LEDs that have been tested. We do have 1 tested Par 20 for the Maestro Pro dimmer. I've included the link to the bulbs testing which includes the manufacture and model number for the bulb. [url] 103%207W%202018%20Jan%20Rev%20Da.pdf If you have any more questions you can email us at

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    Mike - thanks. I'm more concerned with the PAR30 short necks. I've been watching for years to see any LED versions of these. I finally started seeing some of them show up. Even now they seem to be limited availability and some of them are very strange looking. But I do now see a few that appear to look "normal". I've got 26 of them that I would like to change.

    I wouldn't feel too bad about leaving the PAR20 track lights as halogens. I only have six of them and they aren't used so much.

    P.S. That url you posted didn't work for me.

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    Just because an LED is not in the database doesn’t mean it won’t work. As far as LED dimmers go, the PRO is the latest and greatest. I would get one PAR20 LED from Home Depot and see how well it works. If it sucks, return it.
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions
    Santa Barbara, CA

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