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Thread: Lutron app and Smart Bridge

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    Lutron app and Smart Bridge

    Just had outdoor patio lights installed by electrician and he used Lutron switches to control. I purchased lutron smart bridge which I was able to install along with the Lutron app. I was able to add the switch devices to the app but I can not control the switches with the app. I see the switches on the app, I see the buttons to control the switches, but nothing happens when I touch the buttons on the app. Any advice?

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    I would delete the dimmers/switches from the app and reset them to factory default. A link to the directions is hopefully below.
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    When you press the device icon for the light switch, it should pop up a small dialog box which shows the current status of the switch and other icons that you can press to turn the light on or off. If it is a dimmer switch, there should also be up and down arrows which allows you to raise and lower the light level. There will also be a line to the left with a circle on the line indicating the intensity of the light. You can press and hold the circle and slide it up and down to raise and lower the light level as well. If you are not seeing this dialog box, there may be an issue with the app. You can try rebooting your phone and trying again. If that doesn't work, try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Also, check and see if there is an update to the app. If so, install the update before trying anything else.

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