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Thread: RA Select Shades to QSX

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    RA Select Shades to QSX

    Sales dept has a job that will eventually be QSX. Due to the timeline of the job they are proposing deploying a number of shades as a RASelect Job and then as the job progresses, move over to QSX.I need to understand the process and implications of this move.My assumption would be that the shades would need to be defaulted and then added to the new QSX repeater.Main questions.1. Will all RA Select shades work with QSX?2. If yes, am I correct in the need to default the shades?3. If shades need to be defaulted:- Do I need physical access to the button on the shade itself?- Will the shade limits be saved on a factory default?

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    QS wireless and QS Triathlon shades would transfer to QSX. Serena would not.
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    Thank you. Are your familiar with the process needed to move the shade from RASelect to QSX?

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    As you described, reset the shade back to factory default. You will need access to the button on the shade itself. I'm not aware of any Lutron program that allows you to set a device to factory default from the software.
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    Given that Ra2 select doesn't work with Serena shades and only works with Sivoia wireless, you'll be fine there. Just factory reset them (tap tap tap hold tap tap tap), and activate them on the QSX system. I've done that when customers have had a shade dealer install the shades and give them a pico remote so it's the same thing. I think you do need to access them physically, or at least have a stick that can reach them for factory defaulting them. When you have activation, it does give you the option of "wiggling" the shades that aren't activated, but I had trouble making those work in my case but that was just a screwed up thing (see my other posts) where the shade was stuck and wouldn't let me activate it (I was using version 12 anyway so maybe that's why).

    The limits stay the same (which you can adjust in the software as well).

    I do have to question why you guys are going this route...seems unnecessary given that if you have any lighting controls in the house, that would not work with QSX and you'd need to change them. If there is no lighting until you go to QSX then I guess it makes sense and you can have temporary app control for the shades for just a couple of hundred bucks.

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    Posting the response from Lutron Support to finalize if it helps anyone. Sales managed to sell entire system as QSX so will not be testing this theory.1.Yes. Any shade that works with Ra2 Select would also work with QSX.2. You are correct. If the shades were on a previous system, they will not be able to be linked to a different system until they are factory defaulted.If they need to be defaulted:3. If the shades are still part of the Ra2 Select system and you can access them in the Ra2 Select app, deleting them out of the app will default them. If not, yes, you must physically reach the button(s) on the shade to factory default it.4. Factory defaulting a shade never affects the limits with any of our shades.

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