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Thread: Questions on recent Serena installation

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    Questions on recent Serena installation

    We just installed our first set of three Lutron shades for our study.We have a few questions:1) Is there any way to manually adjust the fully down length of a shade? When fully lowered, all of our shades end up touching the window sill. Is there a way to adjust the shade so that it leaves a small gap at the bottom above the window sill?2) We noticed that the shades aren't perfectly straight across at the top. We believe that we screwed the frame in very tightly; it could be that the top of our window isn't quite level, and creates a slanted appearance that isn't parallel with the top of the fascia. Is there a solution to this?We welcome any response with any suggestions. Thanks!

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    1. To set the Open and Close limits on the shade, please see the steps in section 4.4 on page 2 of: . 2. Can you use a level to check whether the shade is mounted level, or if the window is not level? You may need to add some shimming material under the bracket to make things level.

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