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Thread: RA2 Select - inline dimmer for LED's and bathroom extractor fan on same circuit

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    RA2 Select - inline dimmer for LED's and bathroom extractor fan on same circuit

    Hi AllI want to add an ra2 select inline dimmer to my bathroom which has 4 LED's in it. Also attached to that circuit is an extractor fan. I'm assuming dimming the LED's would cause the extractor fan not to work. Can anyone advise how they have handled such a situation, or what I could do!Thanks!

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    Thank you for your post App_Lad.

    Looking a the spec sheet for the In line dimmer found here at, we would not be able to control the fan with this control. If the LEDs are separate circuit this could work. Otherwise we would recommending using the switch in line Ra2 select device.

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    Loike Josh R. said, stuck with the binary RRD-8ANS-WH Bath/exhaust/extractor fans are not meant to be dimmed. Just completed a job where I had to remove 4 RRD-2ANF fan controllers on exhaust fans. The fan controller is for pull chain (permanent split capacitor) ceiling bladed fans.
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