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Thread: Does MS-OPS5M occupancy sensor work with Lutron app?

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    Question Does MS-OPS5M occupancy sensor work with Lutron app?

    I have the Caseta Wireless SmartBridge (P-BDG-PKG1W-A) controlling two dimmer switches (P-PKG1WH-WH-C) and two switches (PDW-5ANS-WH-A). I can control all these through the Lutron app on my iPad and my Amazon Echo.

    I just installed a new occupancy sensor switch (MS-OPS5M-WH). This works in the sense that it detects when the space is occupied and turns on the light. However, I was hoping to also be able to use this with Echo. I tried to get the Lutron app to detect it with the Add Device dialog, but it doesn't find it.

    Can the MS-OPS5M-WH be used with a wireless network? If not, is there an occupancy sensor that can be so used?

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    The MS-OPS5M-WH is a stand alone sensor switch that will not integrate into the app or any smart system such as Caseta. There is only one type of sensor that will work with the Caseta system and that is the PD-OSENS-WH (occupancy and vacancy) or the PD-VSENS-WH (just vacancy).

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    MS-OPS5M units - anything better out there?

    I have 2 of MS-OPS5M 3 way motion sensor switches for a while. Since they are flat they miss short people or have blind spots.What can I add to make it better for a stair case and garage? Is there a wireless motion sensor that would work with these?Is there a 3 way switch that has remote or wall mounted sensors system that I can replace it with?ThanksMG

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