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Thread: Any difference between HQRA-xxxxx (architectural) and HQRD-xxxx (Designer) Maestros?

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    Any difference between HQRA-xxxxx (architectural) and HQRD-xxxx (Designer) Maestros?

    Looking at a house that has lots of Grafik-T's with CWH (covered glass). In some areas we're adding Maestro style fan speed controls and dimmers but want to make them have the same CWH plates - LFGR-1 CWH.

    From all the descriptions of the LFGR-1 I see, it can be used on any decora punch devices including designer dimmers like HQRD-6ND-WH but once I pick the LFGR designer plate for it, it changes the dimmer to HQRA-6ND-WH. So is there any actual physical different between the two dimmers? sharper edges maybe? or is it just a different SKU for a different reason and they're actually identical? The price looks to be exactly the same too. Thank you.

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    Thank you for your post SparkyCoog.

    The difference between the Architectural and Designer is the corners of the products. The Architectural are more pointed, while Designer is more rounded. They are the same internally. Hope this helps!

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    Thank you Josh! I spent hours and hours emailing back and fourth with a customer who had Grafik-Ts and needed a fan speed control to match them. The biggest source of confusion was that there is a Lutron page that shows that you can gang up decora punches with Grafik-T's and shows them as Architectural but in the software, I couldn't add fan speed controls to that. What I found out was that Grafik-T's are NEW architectural that have both straight edges on the outside but also on the inside while the "old" architectural only have the straight outside edges but the inside is still rounded. Also, the architectural white is matte. It was quite the journey.

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