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Thread: PD-6ANS working intermittently

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    Question PD-6ANS working intermittently

    My PD-6ANS light switch has been installed for about a week, and about 3 days ago it started working intermittently. The indicator light is on, but hitting the "on" button does not turn it on, nor does it work in the app. I tried un-installing it, and re-wiring it, I did the same with the other PD-6ANS on the same circuit that sits in the same gang box (which works perfectly). I'm thinking that the switch itself is defective, but before I go through the hassle of returning it to the store, I wanted to check in to see if anyone has experienced this issue or might have an idea of what is happening. Thank you!

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    Sounds like the switch for which you would then follow up with Lutron Tech Support to get it replaced. Sometimes small loads on the switch could cause this type of behavior if the minimum load is not placed on the switch. Believe that is 10 watts for this switch. May need to use an LUT-MLC shunt capacitor if you feel this is the case being it will provide more resistance on the line in order to have the switch function properly.

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