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Thread: Killing Maestro Dimmer rocker buttons

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    Killing Maestro Dimmer rocker buttons

    Hi All.I have a project where the client wants all homeworks Maestro dimmers removed and replaced with switches. They can't stand the dimmer rocker buttons. However, they still want the ability to dim lights through the app so we still need the dimmer. Other than low and top end trim, I don't believe this can be done in programming. Is there any other way of removing the manual dimming functionality from the dimmer itself?Thanks.

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one who has the pleasure of dealing with such customers...Do they just hate the rocker part? Can you put on the face plate for a maestro switch on a maestro dimmer? The only other thing would be to change the dimmer style - Grafik-T's look pretty different.

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    I don't do Homeworks but this is such a strange, almost comical request I had to chime in. Why not make the preset level go to 100% all the time so they would never have to touch the origin-of-all-evil dimming rocker? I am impressed you are willing to take this job on... people are weird.
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