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Thread: Unable to pair Caseta Dimmer to Both Pico remote and Lutron App

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    Unable to pair Caseta Dimmer to Both Pico remote and Lutron App

    I had a Caseta dimmer successfully paired with 4 Pico remotes, so that a set of lights (4x LED) can be turned on/off from 5 different locations in the house. Recently, i set up Lutron bridge and installed lutron app. After adding the dimmer to the app, the app is able to control the dimmer, but the dimmer can no longer be controlled by the Pico remotes. Also, now, I am longer able to pair the dimmer to any Picos - nothing happens when I push/hold the bottom button of dimmer to get it to go into programming mode.

    I’ve tried to reset the dimmer to factory default and then re-pair the Pico remotes and lutron app. But the same behavior occurs. I can only get either Pico remotes OR the lutron app to work with the dimmer, not both.

    Note that I have a similar set up for a different light (1x LED) and was able to get both Pico remotes and lutron app to work together.

    So now, I’m a bit stumped.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Add the Picos to the Lutron app and then use the app to assign which lights the Pico(s) will control.

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