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Thread: Maestro Dimmer Toggle Switch Broke - Thank you Lutron

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    Talking Maestro Dimmer Toggle Switch Broke - Thank you Lutron

    Dear Lutron, My wife and I have built three homes and all of them have your products in each home.The reason we do this is that Lutron really stands by your products. As we get older, we really appreciate this even more.Again we called and a nice young man answered and sent us a new switch.We look forward to many happy years to come, in our new home, complete with Lutron lighting through the entire house.Best regards to you and your company and the good people who work there.Paul & Helene Filson
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    Hi filcro, thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. We're happy to hear that we were able to help you with your Maestro dimmer that had an issue with the tap switch. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the future.

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