RA2 Select is identical app and programming as Caseta. Unless you need the additional hardware devices supported by RA2 Full, you are right to stay away from it.
It is crazy that full RA2 programming is so ancient Windows software but that is also the base used for Homeworks so dealers are used to it.
RA2 is definitely available in full range of colors and finishes. But most electrical supply houses and online unauthorized sales outlets will only have white and maybe stock almond color available.
For the full range of color choices you will have to custom order what you want. There is also a “color change kit” which is just the plastic. I think they run about $8 or $9 each, but it is better to just order the actual color and finish that your want.
Lutron is discontinuing almost all earlier versions of RA2 dimmers and the new Pro+ replaces them. Yeah, the Pro+ is more expensive, but one dimmer will control every kind of load and works both with and without a neutral so makes it easier to stock a single dimmer. But you can still find the older RA2 models available and they work perfectly well and have a lower price. Unfortunately being discontinued or phasing out, you may not be able to custom order them in colors other than the standard ones still in inventory at electrical distributors so will have to buy the color change kits.