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Thread: Maestro Fan/Light Control

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    Maestro Fan/Light Control

    Hi, i'm new to this forum. I searched the forum and didn't seem to find the answer to my question. But if it exists, please pardon the duplicate question. I want to use the maestro fan control for a light and fan. I was wondering if the PICO remote will pair to it? And, if so, would i need two PICO remotes, one for fan and one for light? I don't have room to add separate caseta controls to my box. It's a two junction box and no space in between studs to add a third switch. Box houses a dated fan/light control and a single caseta for recessed lights. Anyone have a suggestion that might accommodate my task. I'm trying to add switches to control the fan/light on another wall. All without opening the drywall and running new wires. thanks

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    No. There is no radio in the MACL-LFQ.
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    thank you so much for the reply. much appreciated.

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