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Thread: Increase breaker

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    Increase breaker

    I have a Homeworks Interactive system, fitted 2012. All of the garden lights front and back (all LED) are going through the same breaker (10amp). The main Lutron breaker has started tripping when the exterior light breaker is engaged - even with no lights on??? I was hoping to increase garden light breaker from 10amp to 16amp if this is possible as I have increased the number of lights?

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    You don't seem to be in North America, so I can't give very specific help. It sounds like there is a damaged wire or short or something somewhere. You should consult an electrician, preferably Homeworks-certified, to diagnose that issue. This is important: Circuit breakers are installed to protect the wiring from being over loaded. You can't just increase the size of the breaker if you need more capacity. The wire can only carry so much current and the existing circuit breaker prevents that limit from being exceeded. Upsizing breakers when more capacity is needed is an excellent way to start a fire. A good electrician will know how to solve whatever problem you are having correctly and legally. Hope this helps!

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