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Thread: Dimmer selection

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    Question Dimmer selection

    I am replacing existing fluorescent tube lights in my kitchen with LED, direct-wire bypassing the ballast, dimmable, tube lights. 10 bulbs total: 8 48" bulbs, Toggled #D416-40321, 16w@ = 128W 2 36" bulbs, Toggled #D312-40321, 12W@ = 24W Total 10 bulbs, 152W I first selected your Lutron #TGCL-153ph. However it is limited to 9 bulbs and 150W. I then selected your Lutron #SELV 300p. It handles up to 18 bulbs. It requires a "neutral wire at the switch". I am not sure what that involves. Then I think I read this dimmer is not compatible with dimmable bulbs .... Frustrated. What dimmer of yours will do this job?

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    This is a user forum. Lutron reps occasionally drop by but you will probably get a quicker response if you email However, if Toggled (the manufacturer) hasn't submitted bulbs to Lutron for testing there isn't much tech support can tell you.

    The Toggled website has a list of compatible dimmers (see link below). It appears Toggled has tested the SELV-300.

    Dimmers and switches cut power to the lights to turn them off so, in most cases, they don't have to worry about the neutral (return wire). In some cases (some LEDs, LEDs with ELV drivers, etc.) the dimmer/switch has internal circuitry that has to be powered to make sure the load is controlled properly. That is usually abbreviated to "neutral required."

    The short version is, the dimmer/switch needs a white/neutral wire attached to it. Keep in mind not all white wires are neutrals.
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