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Thread: Caseta Ceiling Fan Switch

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    I replaced my existing Caseta Pro on/off ceiling fan switch with the new Caseta 4 speed ceiling fan switch and this is my problem. Before I continue I have replaced all my old switches that were installed in 2000 with over 100 of every type of Caseta Pro switches they produce. I read the fan instructions before installing then set the fan speed to high prior to installed the switch correctly. My problem with the new 4 speed fan switch is that of the four speed I only get 2 speeds mostly. The top speed on the switch is working great just like pulling the chain on the ceiling fan to high like the old days. As soon as I lower the fan speed by pressing the switch one down it goes to really slow there is absolutely no medium speed it’s just slow really slow. Lowering the fan speed once more at the switch it goes even slower to such a slow speed that its laughable to have it on at all. Then lowering it once more at the switch it moves even less. The fan speed was left on high as the instructions states so why do I only get my old normal high speed for the high setting then really slow for the second then really really slow for the third setting then really really really slow for the last setting? I am missing the medium speed and low medium. All I get is high speed and the rest are all extremely slow speed. What’s wrong?

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    The Caseta Fan control works with permanent split capacitor fan motors. Some manufacturers use capacitors that do not allow for much variance in speed on the mid to lower speed levels. May want to consult with the fan manufacturer to see what they may recommend.

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    Type of motor?

    Question, does your ceiling fan have an AC motor or a DC motor? A lot of newer fans have DC motors and they may be an issue with the switch as the fan speed on a DC motor is controlled inside the fan and not at the wall switch.

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