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Thread: Setting Grafik Eye Output Levels in Area Scenes

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    Setting Grafik Eye Output Levels in Area Scenes

    Hi all,

    Taking over an existing system and trying to make it match our programming standard...
    We've been using Area Scenes in the past and that's helped keep things organized/sane on larger systems.

    Running into an issue with Area Scenes on this system though: there is an area that has a Grafik Eye QS (QSGRJ-6P). In the Area Scene programming for the area, all of the Grafik Eye loads are hard-set to the corresponding Grafik Eye scenes. We don't want to use those and would much rather set the loads to specific values in the QS programming but it doesn't look like that's an option :(

    The weird thing is... If I make a shared scene, I CAN set the Grafik Eye loads to specific values which doesn't make a ton of sense to me.
    Anyone know if there's a way to set specific brightness levels on the Grafik Eye outputs in the area scenes?

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    Thank you for your post martopg.

    Could make the adjustments to the grafik eyes scenes and use them in the area scenes as you would like. You could use the shared scene option as a workaround. If that would not work, we would recommend emailing in the file to and we can see what options we have. Hope this helps!

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