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Thread: Any gotchas with Caseta Pro Bridge vs regular bridge? Other than cost.

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    Any gotchas with Caseta Pro Bridge vs regular bridge? Other than cost.

    Any gotchas with Caseta Pro Bridge vs regular bridge? Other than the cost of the device, that is? I'm assuming not, but realize I'd better not assume! What I am thinking of is any issues as a homeowner getting firmware updates, using the regular Lutron iPhone app, etc. Some AV controllers, NVR systems, etc make long term maintenance a pain or near impossible for the homeowner, without constantly pestering a dealer, or finding a simpatico one who will supply software only they are supposed to have. I want to avoid that, as I like to tinker with things like this. I have no problem with paying a dealer for consulting or assistance with installation. I just want to be able to play with the programming, and install anything myself that I feel confident about. I am considering the Pro simply because I may want to extend things with links to other systems later on, and for any bit of extra device compatibility.

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    Not that I'm aware of. Lutron has been pushing out Caseta updates for a while with no issues. If your bridge is off the Internet for a long period (like 6 months) and misses too many updates it might get locked out of future updates.
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    The difference between the Standard bridge and Pro Bridge can be seen on page 2 of the following link. Basically the Pro model allows you to integrate with more Lutron Shading components and other third party integrations involving Telnet protocol.

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