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Thread: Ms-ops2

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    I have had the above occupancy sensor for maybe 8 years as far as I can recall. It worked great. I replaced the one incandescent bulb it controlled about three years ago. Then this week I replaced the LED with a new LED from Amazon and now it no longer works. The LED from before no longer works either. It (the MS-OPS2 sitch itself still lights up if I try and program it. But just no LED light at all. The Lutron brochure says 2 amps max. Here is a link to the Amazon fixture (which I just returned ) Should get a different Lutron dimmer with more amps or would he current version of the MS-OPS2 be OK if I just got a new one? I don't understand.

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    Hi igenr8, there shouldn't be any issue with switching this bulb unless the inrush current of the LED is higher than the 2 amps the switch can handle. This could be an issue with the actual wattage of the LED being 60 watts. The inrush current for some bulbs can be as much as 10x the wattage it normally uses. The manufacturer may be able to provide the inrush current, but upgrading to sensor switch with a higher rating would resolve this issue.

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