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Thread: Issue with Random Lights turning on.

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    Issue with Random Lights turning on.

    I have a job thats just finishing up and there have been several loads that randomly turn on.First it was a hall fixture that came on a couple time during the night.I got a text yesterday stating all the lights turned on at 7:30 in the morningA text this morning stating the great room lights turned on at 11:30 pm and she couldnt turn them off by pressing the button. said it took several presses to get them to go off but came back on and had to turn them off again.No vacation modes programmed at this time, I have pulled logs and sent to Lutron and they say all loads that have come on have been thru button presses and occ sensors.Wiring reports no issues or noise on lines.I have reloaded FW and programming earlier in the week from the Hall light issue, Since then the all on and great room lights have started.Looked thru programming and dont see any weird programming.Anyone seen issues like this?

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    Tech support should be able to tell you exactly what turned the lights on at 11:30. Exactly which keypad, motion sensor, or if it came from a 3rd party. My guess is the motions sensors are picking up motion they were not intended to.
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    Occ sensors are only in bathrooms for toekick led strips.Got a text today about daughters room has been turning on all night last night.Going out in the morning to pull a new set of logs and see if Tech guys can see whats going on. Im wondering if maybe the savant integration is causing issues? Seems like we didnt have issues until savant got the lighting integrated into it.Last logs sent in to tech came back as all lights were turned on by keypad or occ sensor, wiring was clean with no noise.

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    Haven't had this happen in Homeworks. However, I have had it in Ra2. The fix was to factory reset the processor and reload firmware. Hope that helps.

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    Any update? Would Savant programming sending a command to a keypad button to turn on show up as an actual key press in the log?

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