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Thread: One or more zones are always “full on” and zone intensity is not adjustable

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    One or more zones are always “full on” and zone intensity is not adjustable


    I have a QSGRJ-6P. Very nice gear by the way.

    I had a short in zone number 2 and it was tripping the main 30 Amp breaker, so we checked and fixed the problem with the short, but now when I turn the Grafik Eye on again, zone number 2 is always at 100% and it is not dimming anymore.

    Do you think the driver is blown and needs to be repaired? Or since it had a short in that zone, it needs to be "reset" somehow. The other 5 zones work just fine.

    Have you ever had this kind of problem?


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    It sounds like zone 2 is permanently damaged.
    I believe your only option is to replace the entire QSGRJ-6P.

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