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Thread: Settings Trouble with Occupancy Sensing Switch

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    Unhappy Settings Trouble with Occupancy Sensing Switch

    I just installed a Lutron Occupancy Sensing Switch. At first, the light was off. Don't know what I did but it came on. It's been over five minutes (the default setting) and the light did not go off. I tried to change the timeout settings, held the button as shown in the picture but no sensor light flashed. Same thing with changing the sensor mode, held the button on the side but no sensor light flashes. I even tried to reset all settings to default by holding both buttons, the sensor light didn't flash. The switch's ground wire is connected to the ground wire in the switch box. Any ideas what is going on?

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    Hello iamoraal, we're sorry to hear about the issue you're having with your Maestro sensor. If you are also unable to manually turn the lights off then the sensor may not have a strong enough ground connection. We'd suggest making sure that the green ground wire from the sensor has a good connection with the bare ground wire in your wall. There should have also been a white sleeve in the packaging with the sensor, this can go over the green ground wire on the sensor and then connect that wire to the bundle of neutrals in your wall. With this connection you should now be able to control the switch and have the sensors functioning. If it still isn't working for you, then I'd suggest giving out Tech Support team a call so we can help troubleshoot this for you.

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