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Thread: RA2 Select with L-HWLV2-WIFI

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    RA2 Select with L-HWLV2-WIFI

    Hello, we are integrating the L-HWLV2-WIFI thermostats with a Ra2 Select system. Done a lot of Ra2 Select, but not so much with the L-HWLV2-WIFI. Any advice for integrating the two together? I was told to get the L-HWLV2-WIFI into "the Honeywell app" and then I can add it to Lutron Connect, but so far not having much luck.Anyone done this before and have any advice?

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    Thank you for your post boxotreats.

    This WiFi thermostat will first need to be added to a Honeywell account. Once that is added you should be able to click on settings and add Honeywell thermostat. It will prompt for you to sign in first with your Honeywell Account and then your Lutron account to authorize the integration. Hope this helps!

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