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Thread: Move form Lutron Home Control+ to Lutron Connect

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    Move form Lutron Home Control+ to Lutron Connect

    I needed to add some dimmers to my RR2 system and went with the new RRD-PRO's. This did require an upgrade of the software to 12.7 which I did without issue.That's when I learned I had to say goodbye to Lutron Home Control+ and move to to Lutron Connect.Before the change I had setup Lutron Home Control+ with the static IP address of the Main Repeater and when I wanted to access it from outside of the home I would gain access by a VPN and this worked fine.So the questions:Do I have to have the bridge going forward for the Lutron Connect app to work?Can I connect to my RR2 system with a local IP address and the Lutron Connect app?I tried to set it up with the static IP address of the Main Repeater and I never could get the app to communicate with the main repeater.I have an all UniFi network. I did turn on the multicast but that did not help.Thoughts? Ideas?

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    The Connect bridge is required to use the Connect app. The main repeater does not have the horsepower to run the Connect app and associated cloud APIs etc etc etc.

    Definitely enable multicast on the UniFi network or you will open the door for all kinds of frustration.

    It's unfortunate to have to buy the bridge but it is necessary, and since the bridge is the way into the cloud, it is the future of this system. At least until Lutron gets around to a second generation main repeater but that's a whole different conversation.
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