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Thread: Motion detector

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    Motion detector

    All,I am putting in Lutron PD-5ANS-WH-R light switches for my bathroom light fixtures (most are either 4' LED strip lights or single LED bulb light fixtures) and I would like to add wall/ceiling mounted motion sensors to turn these lights on and off. I don't want to use motion sensors at the wall switch as I have two switches in a double gang box controlling lights in two different areas of the bathrooms. I would like to put in two different motion detectors in different parts of the room (one would be behind a partial wall that would obscure it from the other sensor) to control the two different lights. I would prefer using a Lutron product so I didn't have to get another manufacturers hub. I have been unable to find a WIFI motion detector, only Bluetooth and Hub sensors like Aqara. Does Lutron make a motion sensor that will work with my Lutron Caseta Wireless Hub so I can control turning the lights on and off based on motion?

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    Yes, it came out earlier this year.,
    PD-OSENS-WH - Lutron Caseta Motion Sensor / Occupancy/Vacancy

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    Thank you

    Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for and it works with Apple HomeKit.

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