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Thread: Problems with 12.7

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    Problems with 12.7

    I recently updated my software to 12.7 from 12.1. The install process when through a database update as part of the install. Afterwards, I added some new devices, programmed them to keypads and timeclock, activated, and then transferred the project. The transfer was clean except for a couple devices that it couldn't communicate with. However, now my keypads require multiple clicks to operate, the occupancy sensors stopped working, and none of my timeclock routines work. I've tried multiple transfers but it hasn't corrected it. I've doublechecked the programming and it all looks fine. Anyone else having problems with this release?

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    Thank you for your post ksalno.

    We have not heard of any of these issues after an upgrade. We would suggest taking the system of the network and see if that would help with the button pressing issues. In addition have we factory defaulted any of the keypad or sensors to be deactivated and then reactivated? This sometimes can help resolve any back end issues. If that would not resolve the issue we would recommend calling into Tech Support at 1 (800) 523-9466.

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