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Thread: MR16 LED compatibility with Grafik Eye 3000

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    MR16 LED compatibility with Grafik Eye 3000

    Can I use my Grafik Eye 3000 to dim MR16 LEDs?

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    Katie H.
    Good Afternoon,

    MR16 LEDs are generally one of the toughest types of LED to dim. The issue with these lamps is due to the inter-dependencies between the lamp, transformer and dimmer. Because of this, Lutron has done extensive testing on LEDs. However, we only have a dimming solution for a few different MR16s. Please check out our LED Product Selection Tool and change the Lamp/Fixture type to MR16, change the Lutron Control to Grafik Eye 3000 hit search. (For a larger list of options, choose a PHPM interface as your control type.) A list of the tested bulbs will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the orange link under product name (the model number) to get a report card and detailed information on each LED. On the individual report cards, it will show the transformer we used along with how many can be placed on each module and the dimming range you can expect.

    I hope this helps!

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    Question Grafik Eye 3000, Light flashing before off

    I have a problem with the Grafik Eye 3000, my cliente changed the halogen lights for Led dimmetizable lights, however the lights stay flashing before the turn off, when in process of dimerization, we are using the light with 7W power. electrolytic capacitor, this happen when quantity light are few. What your recommendation about this problem?
    Francisco Bezerra
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    Hello Franciscobsousa,
    Thank you for your post! We would recommend following the sames steps mentioned by Katie H. in the above post to generate a list of compatible LED Bulbs for the Grafik Eye 3000 in order to ensure dimming compatibility.

    I hope this helps!


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