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Thread: Maestro Programming

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    Maestro Programming

    First off, I just want to say thanks for the active members here. It has really helped me out a bunch.Here's my issue. I have a Maestro in a bathroom. When it's daytime I want the light to come on at 100%, when it's night I want the light to be 50%.I set up a Time of Day variable and created a Day state and Night state. I created a timeclock with (2) events to trigger the day/night state. When I go to program the Maestro I select the single variable on program type, and put in the 100% during the day state it makes the night state 100%. If I change the value in either state it just makes the other state that value.Question 1: Can I make the Maestro do this? If so, what am I doing wrong?Question 2: If the Maestro won't do this, then can anyone give me an example of where I would use variables on a Maestro?Thanks.

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    What you are doing seems to make sense. There is no sense in having that option if you have to use the same value for both states.
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    I didn't believe it until I tried it but you're right. Historically though(going back to Illuminations), programming dimmers has always been pretty sketchy because their first and foremost function is to act like a dimmer and be consistent - first press turns it on at a preset and 2nd press turns it off). There is another post about someone needing to lock the dimmers but there is no functionality for that. Myself, I was looking at a house that has Hue lights that need to have power all the time and not be turned off off when the button is pushed accidentally so the workaround someone else came along with was to create an automatic sequence that immediately turns the dimmer/switch back on and only turns off with a "hold"...seems to work but the way they did it, the sequence also turns on all the other lights that have Hue because they didn't want to create an individual sequence for each light. None of that would be needed if this was a device other than an in-wall dimmer. I can see their reasoning or not wanting to get a call from someone that thinks their dimmer is broken when it's just been programmed differently but it's also frustrating for special cases and I'll also have to do the hacky sequence thing myself.

    For you, the cheapest and less intrusive work-around is to just a pico remote and program it with the conditional logic you described and put it in a logical location so it's likely to be used more than the dimmer.

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