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Thread: Spread out in Colorado

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    What @mmascari said. You can have multiple systems in the home without them interfering with each other.

    I don't believe Alexa will talk to multiple homes at the same time. There may be some skill you can add to Alexa but I haven't seen it yet.

    Formatting has been weird for some time now. However, the best programmers in Upper Bucks County are on the case.

    IFTTT should work but I found it very clumsy and not very intuitive.

    My invite to the ranch seems to have gotten lost. Can you send it again??
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    This is a common problem with the Alexa and Google Home integrations for many products. It's always hidden in the details about how the accounts are linked. I know I've seen it with other things. It's definitely less than ideal.

    If you were already an Apple Home Kit house, that would have been the easiest solution. At least for this, there's a whole different set of constraints around being an all Apple house.

    It's unfortunate that it doesn't just work with only the Lutron software. And double unfortunate that all the different integrations between smart home systems in general frequently have "almost but not quite" solutions. It's like every company assumes people live in a single small house by themselves. It doesn't help that many young tech review writers do live in small apartments by themselves, and never run into these scenarios.

    I think you're probably on the right path, to find something different for the out buildings where only wifi is available. Good luck.

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    @RancyC - you said "You can have multiple systems in the home without them interfering with each other." If you mean Bridge and Repeater, yes. If you mean Bridge and Bridge, no. While that may be true (from an engineering point of view) that two bridges could be placed in the same physical home, it is useless from a software usability point of view. If you have a big home, and you add a second Smart Bridge into that same home, there is no way for that ONE home (in the Lutron ap) to add that second bridge. There is no choice for that. That was the dead end that I found when I did this. If it seems OK to an individual to define the same home as two homes, and you are OK with managing all this through the Lutron Ap, and you are OK with clustering activities of the parts of the house separately, then yes. that could work.But that scenario doesn't work for me.Not trying to pe pedantic, just putting this out there to save the time for the next person interested in trying to do this As @RandyC said before: Multiple Homes + Same Alexa ID = Not supported. No Bueno.

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