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Thread: PD-5NE / Randomly Turning Lights off and immediately back on

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    PD-5NE / Randomly Turning Lights off and immediately back on

    So I recently swapped out a Lutron Toggle Dimmer (TG-600PH) that was power feeding the Legrand Adorne LED under-cabinet lighting system in my kitchen without issue with the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting ELV Dimmer Switch for Electronic Low Voltage Light Bulb (PD-5NE). The power on/off function works fine. The favorite button works fine. Dimming function works fine. The problem I have is that periodically, the dimmer will power down the lights - turning them off - and then immediately turns them back on to the same brightness level they were at before. Should I simply be using a regular Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer (PD-6WCL) for this application? Wasn't sure if this had been discussed previously or not. I searched the forum for the ELV+ dimmer doing this an couldn't find anything. Also, wasn't sure whether to post this in this thread for the LED or for the Caseta thread as this revolves around both. Thanks.

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    The TG-600 is a forward phase dimmer. The PD-5NE will do both but it comes set as a reverse phase dimmer. Try setting it to forward phase and see if that helps. Instructions are in the "Caseta Advanced Instructions"
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    "Try setting it to forward phase and see if that helps" This did help me. Thank you very much randy :)
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