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Thread: MACL-LFQH - Slow Top Speed

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    MACL-LFQH - Slow Top Speed

    Installed a MACL-LFQH to a Harbor Breeze D553CTW3 that has a 5-wire CBB61 4-300/4-250/5-250 capacitor ... All four speed selections work ... When the Fan is on top speed, it has a Control top speed (#4) has a lower RPM than the #3 level (which is 83 RPM) ... Put the Fan selector on the Medium speed, the Control 1-4 levels incrementally go faster, but top speed is still maxes at 83 RPM ... Expecting ~155 RPM.Does the MACL-LFQH work via capacitor? If so, in series with the Fan Capacitor, its dropping the voltage beyond the design ...Can the Capacitor in the Fan be removed from the circuit?

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    You probably have already done this but... make sure the pull chain is on high and then use only the LFQ to control the speed.

    I would also make sure there are no other controls in the system. Some fan controls required a receiver to be placed in the canopy. If there is one, it will make the LFQ do weird things.

    Check with Harbor Breeze on removing the capacitor.
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    It was the capacitor in the fan ... By passed the controller, and had the same inverted RPM's between 2 & 3 ... Pulled the capacitor, the Red 4mf-300V leg read 1.52mf ... Replaced the capacitor and get all four speeds from the controller from a nice 50 rpm at low up to an immeasurable (with the naked eye) top rpm ...Thanks for the reply

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