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Thread: Maestro dimmer flickering/pulsing at low end. Weird problems.

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    Maestro dimmer flickering/pulsing at low end. Weird problems.

    Hello, I have a problem with a couple Maestro dimmers.I have a clean, fresh and isolated circuit with 7 recessed downlights, with 50w Par20's. One maestro dimmer and a companion on the other end of the basement. Nothing else is on it the circuit. It's a new basement reno.It does share a double gang box with another existing dimmer for a different set of lights.Also have another maestro on a different, new circuit that shares a double gang box with the companion for the other one, and it switches 3 lights. (Also have a bunch of plugs on that circuit) Have the same problem below with it too.Problem is anything below 50% causes a really irritating flicker. Looks a little like a candle flickering, up and down in brightness. All bulbs flicker in unison, about 5-6 times per second, but randomly, not in perfect rhythm.I've tried 3 types of bulbs and they all do it to varying degrees.Tried a different maestro and same result.Tried disconnecting the companion and no change.I have a couple other maestro dimmers in the house on original wiring, one an array of 4 downlights wiyh the same bulbs, with no flicker.Here are a bunch of possibly unrelated or related gremlins: they're a bit nutty!!-When I dim the 7 light dimmer up or down the separate, original circuit it shares a double gang with flickers strongly, only when changing the dimming.- Both new circuits that are now flickering never did it before , but do now after one day power outage a few months ago.-Suddenly, the companion dimmer isn't controlling the 7 light dimmer properly. If you tap it nothing happens, but if you press and hold it the lights dim to off, but then go right back on when you release it! This is new behavior....Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm stumped because they're fresh circuits. I even tried switching off all breakers but those, but I understand that doesn't affect the neutral.Anything to try? Thanks,Dan

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    Update- found the one issue was that a dimmer I swapped wasn't configured for a companion dimmer.

    So that issue is fixed, but the others persist. I tried switching the companion and master with each other, with no change.

    Still surprised at the neutral interaction with a completely separate circuit. Even the breakers are on different sides of the box.

    I'm wondering now if there is an issue with the power coming in...

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    Flickering,flashing,and stumbling as the dimmer is moved are a few of the most annoying issues.Dimming range and response issues can also be caused by a.exhibit strange behaviors,such as flashing,pulsing,flickering,Utilizing 0-10V controls on 1-10V drivers can cause issues at low dim.For more you can visit

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