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Thread: Using Ethernet Device module

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    Using Ethernet Device module

    Anyone used ethernet module in homework QS for Intersystem communication? I have two programs. I want to use a keypad in program1 to control few channels in the program2.Initial requirement was independent system. Now got a task to control few lights that are in building 1 from building 2. Both are in same network.

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    Thank you for your post

    We would recommend following this app note Specifically scenario 1 would be needed. With that in mind we would need to program both directions for the commands and feedback if needed. Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for the suggestions and the app note.

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    Need help integrating with a 3rd party Ethernet device - any way to debug ?

    I have a gate controlled by a Global Cache TVP/IP Ethernet to contact closure switch. I can telnet to the Global Cache device and issue a command to open or close the contact closure switch (e.g. "setstate,1:1,1"). I have not been able to successfully trigger the command from HomeWorks QS. I have configured an Ethernet device with the IP address, and telnet port number. I have a command set with the appropriate command configured. But it's not working somewhere. Is there any way to debug the integration? Can I see if the Global Cache device is returning an error message?Is there any way to tell how this might be failing?When I issue the command using telnet, the Global Cache device returns an acknowledgment message. How do I see that return message from the HomeWorks QS system?Thanks in advance for your help.

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