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Thread: Problem with RR2 Telnet integration after transfer

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    Problem with RR2 Telnet integration after transfer

    RR2 Essentials 12.7.0 and a RR2 repeater with 12.7 firmware update. Large configuration - 93 devices, 63 repeater phantom buttons configured. Integrated with HomeAssistant using Telnet. All of this works fine except one issue: After transferring the project successfully, the repeater remains in a transfer state after Essentials reports it is finished, for about 10 minutes: red Communication and Setup test and add LEDs flashing in the usual alternating pattern. I have shut down the Essentials software during this time so it isn't some retained open connection to Essentials. During this time, the repeater does not accept Telnet connections so my 3rd party HomeAssistant integration cannot initialize. After 10 minutes or so, this condition clears on its own, the repeater's LEDs go back to normal operational state, and Telnet connections work again. Power cycling the repeater clears this condition - when it comes back up, Telnet works normally. I reported this on github and a maintainer of the pylutron code base confirmed seeing the same behavior on his configuration, so it isn't just me. It seems to be related to the 12.X firmware series, or perhaps just 12.7 for the RR2 repeater, as it started happening for myself and others after this update. Likely this is the same issue as Could this be a bug in the firmware? Thanks.

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    Thank you for your post rsands.

    It sounds like you have encountered Telnet Lockout. This is a security feature was added in 11.5. Telnet lockout can be triggered when there are 10 failed attempts to login to the repeater in 15 minutes. It will last for 15 minutes to be cleared or you can power cycle the repeater and will clear right away. We also removed the default login for RadioRa2 in 12.2 and depending on what you are using for a password. We would ensure that the username and password are setup correctly in the RadioRA2 software and is correct in the 3rd party as well. Hope this helps!

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    Hi Josh - just noticed your reply, thanks. No - was not telnet lockout. I am not using the default login at all - I created my own (secure password) login for Homeassistant which has been working just fine. I just got around to installing v12.8.0 and associated firmware 12.8. The problem is fixed in this update. Did you guys change anything?Do you guys publish release notes for the repeater firmware updates? If so, where can I find them?Thanks.

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