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Thread: Bathroom keypad layout question

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    Question Bathroom keypad layout question

    I'm working on a project with several powder rooms.Each powder room has a can downlight, as well as sconces on the vanity mirror. There is also an exhaust fan with has a RRD-8ANS remotely mounted in the equipment room. The fan actually has a motion sensor, and a timeout on the fan itself, so the plan is to have the fans turned on all the time such that they will automatically come on when someone enters the powder room and turn off 5 or 10 minutes after they leave. This is controlled by the fan - independent of RadioRA2. The can downlights also have remote RRD-PRO dimmers in the equipment room. So I need local dimming and control of the sconces, but need to be able to control the downlights as well. It seems my only option is to use a hybrid keypad. I was hoping I could use a local RRD-PRO and have it control the local load, and tell the "remote" RRD-PRO for the downlights to turn on and off. However this does not seem possible, unless I'm over looking something in programming. Assuming I need to stick with a hybrid keypad, what would be a "best practice" layout for this to be easy to use? I don't have the need for a bunch of powder room "scenes". Just On and Off, but the smallest number of buttons I can get are 3, plus the raise/lower buttons. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I solved this by using two occupancy / vacancy sensors, as described here: The solution works well enough for our needs.

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