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Thread: Upgrade options for Lutron Softswitch 128?

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    Upgrade options for Lutron Softswitch 128?

    Got a call from someone asking me about this system. I had never heard of it but it looks like it uses an RPM style panel with an old school Radio Ra Chronos LCD interface. I probably won't touch this but am curious how one could upgrade this system. Are the power modules on them standard Homeworks style RPMs or are they something else? If it's the same, would it be possible to stick an MI in there and then have a QS system talk to it? Would it be easier to just tear the whole thing up and put in panels or otherwise use wall mount modules?

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    You can probably use the panels but I think you will have to replace the modules as well. They might be compatible with HWI. I can't imaging they are compatible with HQS.
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