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Thread: Limit on 2ANF fan control?

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    Limit on 2ANF fan control?

    Is there a way to trim the top speed of the 2ANF fan control? I've got an install where a fan otherwise well-controlled by the 2ANF makes some unwelcome motor noise when driven on the high setting. It'd be convenient to have the 2ANF control simply ignore that higher speed. We can monitor it otherwise, and set the speed back to a slower setting, but it'd be nice to have the switch itself be able to do this. Akin to how the dimmers have thresholds.

    That and is there a way to have the default on speed value saved?

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    I don't believe their is a "trim" option on the 2ANF. You could set the fan itself to medium. This would limit the max speed the 2ANF could achieve. It might cause some issues at lower speeds.

    A single tap should return the fan to its previous speed. You can't set a default speed like you can with dimmers.
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