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Thread: New Feature Requests

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    I'd love to have a button press enable/disable the "additional sensor timeout". That would make it feasible to use the PIR sensor in bathrooms that have shower stalls. Turn on the shower light and your sensor will take forever to timeout. Turn it off and the sensor times out in a normal period.

    Also the grace period option would be great to have enabled for conditional programming.

    And how about multiple occ sensors in multiple rooms working together to control a single light? Right now if you have a sensor in room A and a sensor in room B controlling a light in room A, the two sensors do not both have to be unoccupied to turn off the light. Not sure why?? I'd like to have a light turned on remotely by a sensor, and only shut off if BOTH sensors detect vacancy. That way the light can turn on to level x if sensor A sees you, and level y when sensor B sees you, and off only if A+B do not see you.

    And on that note, I'd like a revert to "previous light level" option with an unoccupied signal.

    Oh and on a button press can you enable/disable each sensor? That would be awesome for when you are entertaining

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    It would be great if Lutron would give a checkbox option for the LED status function to include/exclude "unnaffected" loads that are assigned to a button.

    I.e. a button that triggers a specific light in a room and shuts off ALL lights in that room, but the status LED would be lit if any of the loads are on.

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    On the Home Control+ App I would like to see tailoring of what keypads are available on a per user ID basis. for example, children don't need to control the master bedroom, etc...

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    It would also be great if the software had the ability to send an automated email if something happens... i.e. dimmer stops responding, occ sensor not sending signal, contact closure detected, etc..

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    I think Lutron is on the right track with QS 6.0 the time clock push option is a great new feature. Im remember all the times after I uploaded had to check what events didn't happen or what time set variables were missed.. Keep up the good ideas . The ability to receive 3rd party commands another good one. Nice Job guys

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    Keypad Copy/Paste.

    We are working out a big problem with the software, and needed to duplicate all our keypads. It would be nice if Copy/Paste pasted the correct keypad back (ie converts a 7 button to a 4 button if a 4 button was copied)

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    I woudl also like to see the actual load levels in real time editor, just like in illumination.

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    Disable Rollovers and pictures

    While all the pretty pictures in QS make it look nice on the surface, it make it quite inconvieient to program and troubleshoot.

    When I am trying to find what load is landed where, in one room with many WPM's and dimmers, the amount of expandiing and scrolling, and resizing (which is poorly implemented), is a real PITA.

    Personally, I would like an "expand all" , with no pictures of devices, and the customized colums to stay the size they were last.Kind of hard to explain, but if you do any sort of troubleshooting with misplaced loads in a system, it will be obvious.

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    1 - Expand on available programming of Touchpro t-stats. Currently (5.2.0) can only apply a heat and cool set point. Really need ability to change schedules (engage a specific schedule for Home/Away purposes, any schedule will do as workaround) as well as modes (heat cool etc)
    2 - Native security mode and functions.
    3 - Home+ App, time clock change option similar to how RA2 works. When connected to a RA2 system and on the "HomeGlance" screen, the user has the ability to select the all available time clock modes. Very helpful. Currently in QS, I have to create a "fake" keypad, assign time clock programming and make sure the client knows what it is and its operation.
    4 - Ability to add a video window to the app. Within QS give ability to feed this window specific URLs to view cameras. I can't imagine this would be very difficult to implement and would really helpful it making the client understand that the Home+ app is the primary app to be used when controlling their home.

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    A couple of features that have recently occurred to me during programming

    1 With sensor conditionals I am sometimes asked to alter timeout durations. It would be good to be able to expose a variable that holds the timing value to the homeowner - this would allow the homeowner to alter timing durations where conditionals are used without the installer having to intervene

    2 After testing a fire sequence where "all lights on" and flashing some zones it seems reasonable to be able to put all the zones back they way they were before the sequence was enabled, ditto "security" - all off is the closest, but not necessarily ideal. A zone capture level & restore feature that could be applied to ALL zones would be handy, and it could also be used for specific zones with sequences/conditionals where restoring the level after completion of the logic would be useful

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