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Thread: RA2 select home security - Occupancy simulation

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    RA2 select home security - Occupancy simulation

    RA2 select allows for occupancy simulation when you are on holiday.How does this work?Is there any "learning" from the system to simulate our habits?Does the occupancy simulation require an internet connection?PSI'm based in the UK so RA2 Select is my main option

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    Just looking to clarify what I meantI was hoping for the occupancy simulation to not require internet connection, as if the internet is down, it will still workPerhaps this is wishful thinking?

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    I have little understanding of European systems but if they are anything like the NA systems the devices communicate with RF to a bridge. That drive has all the automation on it. The connection to the Internet shouldn't interfere with timeclock or motion automations.
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    That's a pretty interesting system for the home security. So I have a lot of things plugged to my house through Vivint system. I saw on their website kinda simmilar mechanism. They told me that there are hackers that can control all the system in the house or at least see when the system is on or off. So it would be a very nice idea to install such an imitator in order to avoid bad experiences. I always loved the high security level for my house.

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