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Thread: Single Casetta wireless not coming back on after power outage

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    Angry Single Casetta wireless not coming back on after power outage

    Hi all, i searched the forum but wasnt able to find anything similar to my issue, so i am posting. I have 7 Casetta switches in my home. Recently in NY we had a week of power and internet outages, and i have been running on my generator for about 5 days. During this time all but 1 of my switches worked, the one connected to my front door. the power came back on Friday, and still all but one switch works. however the switch is a different one than my front door! Its now the back door switch, and it is totally unresponsive. i tried changing the bulb but that had no effect. I pulled out the little tab on the bottom, still no help. Internet is back - Ive reset the bridge and all but still no effect. Does anyone have any thought or other troubleshooting steps i could take? thanksMike

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    If you have refreshed the switch by pulling the FASS tab out and also tried replacing the bulb and you are still getting no indicator lights on the switch then I would say it may have been damaged with a surge. I would call Lutron Tech Support at 888-588-7661 to see what they could advise and see if the switch is still under warranty.

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