I installed a MACL-153MR into our master bedroom to add a dimmer and everything seems to be working properly, except the green LED Indicators on the side of the switch. When I power it on, the LEDs power up and show the dimmer level, which seem to be working fine, but when I power off the switch and turn off the lights, the indicator lights don't power completely off - they seem to stay on with a faint green glow. It's not noticeable in the day time, but at night, it's obvious and acts as an eye-sore because it's right next to our TV in that room, so you see it when you're watching TV.I changed the LED bulbs from EcoSmart to Philips A19 bulbs and confirmed they are on the compatible list for this switch but don't know what else to try. I tried programming the switch to set the lowest dim level and that seemed to work but the LED indicators still remain on when the switch is powered off. I asked the electrician that we have to take a look and he said everything is wired properly. We read a few topics on "ghosting" and "voltage leaking" but those seem to be pertaining to the LED bulbs staying on, not the indicator lights on the switch itself. I also tried switching the hot lead from the brass screw to the black screw because some people mentioned the LED ghosting if the wires are switched, but that didn't do anything either.I'm not sure what else to do. I'm pretty certain that the green indicator lights shouldn't be on when the switch is powered off. I went back to Home Depot where they have the switches on display and they don't seem to be having this issue. When you turn those light switches off, the LEDs go completely off. I'd really like to use these switches but don't want the green LED indicators to remain on in every room. What do I do? How can I fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!