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Thread: Mutli Users

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    Mutli Users

    I have a scene enabled to when I leave the house, the lights turn off but sometimes my wife and kids are still home. Is there a way to set up the scene not to activate when people are still at the house?

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    I only use the Lutron app to add devices. I do all of my automation using the Apple Home app which allows for triggers based on one or more people. You can set automatons to run when one individual leaves or arrives home, when the last person leaves, or when the first person arrives home. Not sure what kind of automation is available with Android phones when not using the Lutron app.

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    With the Lutron app you can use the Arriving/Leaving Home feature. However, it currently will activate the scenes no matter if there is another person in the home. It currently does not have the logic to determine which users are in the home and when they are all out to activate the scene. It will just do so for any user that has this setup on the phone regardless who may be in the home.

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