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Thread: Wiring issue

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    Wiring issue

    I am trying to install a singe pole dimmer switch. It has two black wires and a ground (green) wire. Where my old switch is, there are only 2 wires (one is white and he other is one is black). I am not sure as to what to do now, since all written directions do not stated anything about this situation. Any help, is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!

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    I have the same question. Did you ever get an answer?

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    The current standard is to run power to the wallbox, through a switch (hot only) and up to the light. We used to run power directly to the light box then send power to the switch using 1 conductor, through the switch and back up to the light on the other conductor.

    There are a couple of issues with this method. You have to take the light down to troubleshoot and there is no neutral at the wallbox.

    If your dimmer has different color leads/terminals (typically black and red) you will need to determine if the black or the white is hot and connect it to the black.

    If your dimmer has the same color leads it doesn't matter which order you connect the existing wires.
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    Randy is correct in his explanation.

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