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Thread: Triathlon cellular headrail specification

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    Triathlon cellular headrail specification

    Lutron seems to be continually narrowing their cellular shade offerings. First they disappeared from the QS Wireless line, and more fabrics were just dropped from the Triathlon line. (Makes me wonder about their future....but I digress. ;)

    With these changes, I can't seem to find any current info on which fabric offerings have aluminum or vinyl headrails. Can anyone clarify specifically which fabrics have aluminum headrails as standard or option? Thanks.

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    If I had access to the SCT, I'd check on this myself...but I don't. Nor can I find it anywhere on the website.

    And I realize it isn't necessarily something that most will know off the top of their head. But there are just four fabric families now (Cypress, Monaco, Rio, and Napa.) So I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone has a minute to take a quick look and see which headrail options are available with each of them...ALUMINUM, VINYL, or BOTH.

    Lutron's Triathlon Cellular Shade fabrics:

    - Cypress (Light-Filtering & Blackout)

    - Monaco (Light-Filtering & Blackout)

    - Rio (Light-Filtering & Blackout)

    - Napa (Light-Filtering only)

    Thank you!

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    I'll answer my own question in case anyone else ever hunts for this info:

    Cypress & Monaco shades use PVC rails. On longer shades (i.e., those with more than two spindles), vinyl's inherent flexibility can introduce a "waviness." Rio and Napa shades use aluminum rails, which are much more rigid than the PVC rails and perform better (IMO) on longer shades.

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