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Thread: How to get passcode for Lutron Q control + for ipad

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    How to get passcode for Lutron Q control + for ipad

    How to get passcode for Lutron Q control + for ipad. How to do it on Q admin or Q design or somewhere?

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    I haven't done the commercial stuff but in HomeWorks and RadioRA 2 you set it up under tools, integration.
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    So for iPad control password has to be another? I getting control from Lutron web-server with password. But I cannot taking control from software for iPad. It always reply "Wrong password". For both cases I using the same password

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    You need to purchase the software license from Lutron. Once purchased, they provide you with the Token. If this is included in the original scope of work, it should be handled by the Lutron Tech that programmed the system.I however would ask why? With Quantum solutions, you can simply go to the IP address of the Quantum Server and control your system via any web browser on your mobile device. Presumably, you have a Server or Virtual Server at this site.

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    Thanks for sharing your reply here keep share your queries hereso anyone from the community who has faced the same issue can also find the solution from comments below, keep sharing

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