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Thread: Lightening damage

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    Lightening damage

    Had a thunderous lightening flash the other evening that appears to have taken out couple of devices. One is a HQR-VCRX. This is connected to two devices used in a access gate system. It is located in the basement and connected to the gate equipment with a 250 run of 20 gauge solid copper wire. There are three functions that are connected. One is the gate opener, a momentary keypad button. The other two are toggling controlled from the same keypad. The momentary part still works. Neither of the toggling. The lights on the HQR-VCRX perform as expected, and I can hear the relays clicking as expected also. But the is no contact closure. I am thinking maybe onto isolators have been fried perhaps?
    The other device is a RRD-6CL that is also controlled by another keypad. This device controls pole lights adjacent the gate equipment control box ( the control board for the gate was also fried by this lightening). So this is a direct burial 110 volt line that also runs from the house 250 feet or so to the end of the driveway. The RRD-6CL appears bricked. No lights, nothing on trying to reset it.
    So does this seem consistent with lightening damage? This is the third time in 8 years that the gate control board has been fried, despite a robust grounding rod, and strapping the ground to all elements of the gate equipment.
    This is the first time any of the Lutron gear seems to have been effected.

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    So I guess spell check let me down? RE: Lightning Damage

    So I took the HQR-VCRX apart and discovered three capacitors, each adjacent to one of the relays, charred. Can not figure out why one of the controlled outputs still works. I guess it is still functioning as a capacitor in the charred state.

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    Yes, that sounds like a lightning strike. A really close lightning strike. The closer the strike the greater the chance it will overwhelm ground connections, surge protectors, etc.
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